The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Jean Ewing Alphonse Karr

Adirondack Strategic Marketing is a brand marketing and management consulting firm that provides strategic business planning, marketing, advertising, graphic design and media services . We work on a virtual team basis.

Once we have completed a brand review and analysis, we will identify the tools, services and best team to accomplish your goals. Depending on your budget and staffing, we can manage the process to a successful completion, consult or hand over the plan to your team.


Brands are fundamentally a set of promises. Your brand lives in the mind of the customer based on their beliefs and perceptions that you create about your brand.


The basic discipline and truths about branding and marketing haven’t changed all that much over the years. The way brands are created, marketed and maintained is changing at a rapid pace thanks to huge advances in digital technology and the rise of social media.

Understanding how these changes have impacted the branding process and the cultural shift in communications is a must for anyone dealing with branded products and services in today’s cluttered media environment. We simplify the process and create a step by step plan to achieve success.

Great strategy, strong branding discipline combined with the creative process creates the magic that brings a brand to life and keeps it alive and relevant.

Steve Krug

We believe in a very simple truth: 
If you can’t define success you can’t measure it. 
If you can’t measure success, you can’t achieve it.
Building a solid strategic plan first is the foundation for building a great brand.

Staying the course within the brand guidelines and hitting key benchmarks identified in the strategic plan is the key to achieving long term goals and success.

A successful brand is much more than a great logo, tagline and ad campaign.

Chip Kidd

Great creative is built on a solid understanding of how the customer engages and interacts with the brand. Telling the story of the brand in a concise and authentic way is crucial in today’s cluttered environment.

Engaging the customer in a personal and meaningful way requires creative that appeals to the emotional wants and needs of the customer. We bring that level of creative and design to all our projects.

The first thing everyone does today when they hear about a new brand is search the internet for information about the product or service.

Bob Dillon

Being found easily on the web is key to the success of every brand and that means building a state of the art website that is search engine optimized and connected to the right social media. Once they land on your homepage it’s all about engagement with relevant content and telling an authentic story that resonates.

Ease of navigation and a call to action are extremely important. Our team knows how to combine all of these elements to maximize the user experience on your site thereby creating a better brand experience.

Media planning and execution was once a cut and dried numbers game in the days before the digital revolution.

Martin Parr

Media planning now requires considerably more skill and creativity due to the cultural changes and the paradigm shift in communications caused by the exponential growth in the number of media options to deliver the messaging about a brand.

The customer is in control as to how and when they gather the brand information they want with major influencers in social media playing an increasingly important role on what brands are desirable. We know how to build media plans that will target, reach and engage your best customers.

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